Mission, vision and principles

2017: Diveplace has successfully completed the Professional Image Evaluation conducted by the PADI Retal&Resort Association, and is therefor awarded this certificate of completion
2016: In Recognition Of Outstanding Commitment To The Business Of Diving
2014: Certificate of Recognition for outstanding Customer Service and Professionalism in PADI Scuba Instruction


To be a growing and profitable diving center where people enjoy diving and learning and where diving professionals are attracted to share their knowledge and experience in an innovative ambiance where Training and Environment meet and where safety and self-reliance are the common thread .


Diveplace sees diving as an activity that should first and foremost bring fun, relaxation and new experiences. We aim for independence and self-reliance in our services. With premium products and innovative training and activities, we challenge divers to continue to develop, be amazed and take responsibility for the magical underwater world in which we as divers are guests.

Our method:

If you choose Diveplace to do your training, you choose an extremely high-quality training and experience that meets the requirements for good, enjoyable and, above all, safe diving. As a training center, Diveplace focuses on quality and good service. This way, after completing your training, you can be assured that you have had a good education and that you are ready for the next diving adventure in your life. Diveplace trains you as a diver to be able to make the right decisions independently after obtaining your certification and to enjoy all the beauty that the underwater world has to offer. We look beyond the certification to your future as a diver, which is unique for everyone, and we invest in that too. This means that we are not necessarily the cheapest in the market based on price. If you choose Diveplace, you choose different criteria because they suit you and your values: SAFETY, RESPONSABILITY and SERIOUS FUN!

Education Principles:

Education principles 1:
Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. 'Einstein'

Education principles 2:
Train self-reliant, self-reliant and independent divers.

Education principles 3:
Driven by passion, enthusiasm and commitment.

Education principles 4:
Keep diving is our credo.