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The right mindset, logistics, planning, team awareness, dry runs and skills are the key words for the Tec 40 Select training. It is certainly not just about the right skills, but also about the right attitude, commitment and overview. We start the training with an evening in which we explain the teaching materials and also look at material configuration and adjustment. So that you already know exactly what is expected of you and you can already sink your teeth into the material. PADI's teaching materials are in English, but we will of course help you if you get stuck with the translations. The next step is that you then need 4 days of lessons to bring you to the level that is required. These days are very intensive and usually long from approximately 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM during which you will have to demonstrate a lot of your performance and theoretical knowledge. Between the 4 days of lessons you will also have to make some practice dives with your team to improve your skills and to be able to complete the next day of lessons properly.

Video debriefings:
We film a lot during the first days of lessons so that your feelings and experience are also substantiated with images. This is how tips, tricks and feelings come together and we believe that this contributes to your performance to become a better diver. This gives you a boost to do even better and really make leaps in your development.

For who is it?
For you if you want to go for it and get better step by step in a way that suits you and because you want to lay a good foundation. It also suits you if you would like to do your further training in technical diving within the (international) organization where you may also have been trained as a recreational diver and where you can choose the training blocks yourself.
Would you first like to meet the Tec Trimix Instructor Ferdinand, his philosophy and vision on Tec diving? Then visit our diving center, Ferdinand can often be found here and will be happy to answer all your questions.

To participate you must:
Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent
Be an Enriched Air Diver or equivalent
Be a deep diver (or equivalent) or have demonstrable deep diving experience
Have a minimum of 50 logged dives, of which a minimum of 10 are enriched air, 12 deeper than 18 meters and 6 deeper than 30 meters.
Valid medical certificate from a diving doctor, maximum 12 months old.

What you will learn in the training:
Dealing with decompression schedules and deco software
Tec diving terms and backgrounds
What to do in emergency scenarios
Decompression and stage cylinder operations
safety procedures

Additional costs:
Air and mixture fillings
Rental of diving equipment
Any dive site costs
Certification costs €45

Teaching materials – Book