Bottle tap inspection & inspection

At Diveplace your bottles can be inspected, tested, blasted and sprayed in the colors you want. Your taps can also be serviced or made oxygen-clean. In the Netherlands, the bottles must: - visual inspection: every year - hydrostatic inspection: every 5 years

Bottle service Price
Visual inspection of bottle and tap (inspection sticker) 22.50 euros
Hydraustatic inspection up to 20 liters 79.95 euros
Hydraustatic inspection O2 clean up to 20 liters 87.50 euros
Hydraustatic inspection Composite up to 20 liters 67.50 euros
Hydraustatic inspection up to 50 liters 99.50 euros
External blasting, galvanizing and spraying (2 components (white) 75.00 euros
External spraying in any RAL color of your choice 89.50 euros
Internal blasting without approval 20.50 euros
Surcharge for dismantling and assembling bottle base/bottle net 7.50 euros
Surcharge for dismantling and assembling double set 25.00 euros
Allowance for emptying a diving tank 2.50 euros
Crane service Price
Oxygen cleaning bottle, excl. parts 25.00 euros
Oxygen cleaning tap, excl. parts 18.50 euros
Oxygen cleaning manifold, excl. parts 15.00 euros
Interspiro o-ring set 22.50 euros
Clean tap (NBR), replace o-rings 22.50 euros

Return your diving cylinder empty and without bottle base, bottle net and handle to avoid additional costs for the service.