Maintenance equipment

Every technical equipment needs service/maintenance, so your diving equipment will also need to be maintained. This includes your diving tank, BCD and of course your regulator. Unfortunately, rinsing your equipment after a dive is not sufficient. During a service, the service parts will be replaced and your materials will be readjusted according to the manufacturer's specifications and we only use the original manufacturer's service kits. The prices below include the standard service kits prescribed by the manufacturer. You can also have your bottles serviced, visual inspection or hydrostatic inspection is possible. Every 2 weeks the bottles are sent to an inspection company and your bottle is returned after approximately 14 days. In case you need repairs to your suit: seals, tears, leak test or other shoes, we can do that for you. If you submit your materials for service at our center, you will always receive a message that your diving equipment is ready and ready again. Naturally, you will receive a 3-month warranty from us on the parts to be serviced.

Vending machine service various brands Price
1st stage from 45.00 euros
2nd stage from 35.00 euros
Spare Air 72.50 euros
Console 15.00 euros
inflator/dry suit hose 7.50 euros
Battery service Price
Citizen watch 67.50 euros
Suunto Stinger and Spyder computers 55.00 euros
Suunto D4, D6 and D9 computers 50.00 euros
Suunto no D-series computers and transmitters 50.00 euros
Mares Puck, Puck Pro and Puck Pro+ 35.00 euros
Other models Mares 50.00 euros
Other computer models from 50.00 euros
BCD service Price
Service BCD with inflator 35.00 euros
Service BCD air trim 45.00 euros

Vending machines from the brands Beachat, Atomic Aquatics, Poseidon and Oceanic are subject to a surcharge of 25%