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Collaboration with DEKAFOK

Diveplace Foundation supports DEKAFOK, an organization that focuses on the protection of sea turtles, Mediterranean seals and sand lilies along the coast of Manavgat, Turkey.

Briefly about DEKAFOK

DEKAFOK works to raise awareness of local legislation and provides guidelines for responsible behavior on turtle nesting beaches. They organize beach clean-ups and provide educational programs for schools and tourists to promote the protection of these vulnerable species.

DEKAFOK is an abbreviation for sea turtles, Mediterranean seals and sand lilies in Turkish. With the support of Diveplace Foundation, DEKAFOK continues to do essential work for nature conservation.

The face behind DEKAFOK is Seher

In May 2020, Seher's life changed forever. While walking along Manavgat beach with her son, she came across a heartbreaking sight: a dead caretta turtle, crushed by a car, next to her open nest where she had just laid her eggs. This moment of deep sadness ignited in Seher a fiery passion to take action.

Driven by the tragedy, Seher left her job at a law firm and dedicated her life to protecting sea turtles, which are in danger every day from human activities. She moved into a tent on the beach, determined to protect these beautiful creatures.

DEKAFOK was born.

Seher's struggle: from exhaustion to triumph in Nature Conservation

  • Cleaning actions

    Using her hands as her most important tools, Seher led cleanups, spent nights guarding the nests and campaigned for better conservation measures.

  • Protection

    Her story shows tireless dedication and sacrifice. She spent her savings, slept on sand and risked her well-being. Despite physical exhaustion and financial problems, Seher never gave up.

  • Homeport

    Seher's team protects sea turtles on a tourist beach, where they safely recover and return to their natural habitat.

When everything seemed hopeless

At that moment, when everything seemed hopeless, YouTubers from 'Tread the Globe' found her. They were so touched by her determination and sacrifice that they decided to set up a GoFundMe page to help her.

Make a difference

Donate to DEKAFOK today

Your support can help make a difference in the lives of sea turtles and in the life of a woman who has risked everything for what she believes. Contribute to this noble cause today and support DEKAFOK together with Diveplace Foundation!