Children's parties

Do you want to throw a birthday party that will be talked about for a long time? Then book a diving package for you and your friends!

At Diveplace you will be welcomed with a glass of limonada in a decorated room, then we will go into the pool with you and your friends to enjoy underwater activities. For example, we will dive with a compressed air regulator set, swim, do exercises and breathe and move underwater. Of course, under good supervision. Who will be the first to swim through the underwater hoop?

When the kids come to the diving center, we first give a brief explanation about what diving is, what you need to take into account when you go underwater and what is the most important rule when diving. All wrapped up in a fun and spontaneous transfer. The kids can then get acquainted with the diving set.

When we arrive at the pool, we first start in shallow water where the kids can stand. Here we teach the kids the first exercises before going to the deeper part of the pool, a maximum depth of 2 meters. Of course, this is all done under the direct supervision of diving professionals, a maximum of 4 kids with 1 instructor. The instructor is always directly with the kids.

Finally, a group photo will be taken and you will receive a 'diving diploma' so that you have a nice souvenir of the kids party.

If you are at least 8 years old, you can already participate in a diving activity. Of course you must have a valid swimming diploma. We organize children's parties in the swimming pool on Friday evenings. You can enter the pool as a guide, so that you can take nice photos at the side of the water. This way you are also part of it :-).

Example of a children's party:
– Start of the Diveplace Dive Center: 7:00 PM on Friday evening
– Departure to Fletiomare swimming pool: 7:45 PM (own option)
– Swimming pool diving activity: 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM
– Diploma ceremony and end of children's party: 9:45 PM in Fletiomare swimming pool

* additional service is possible

Price: The price is € 27.50 per person with a minimum amount to spend of € 195.00.
Prerequisites : At least 8 years old and in possession of a swimming diploma