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Why IDC Select?
Because we believe in innovation and quality. That is why we have designed the IDC Select and we go one step further than the regular IDC courses at other diving centers. Consider, for example, the use of the latest products so that you, as a prospective instructor, are immediately up to date, the use of video briefings to maximize your performance, the integration of marketing presentations to PADI so that you have a direct feeling for the market you are in. will work and the opportunities that lie there and continuous coaching on professional behavior and quality that we do not make any concessions to. Quality is a choice. Not everyone wants the best, we understand that. We want to transfer our knowledge to people who set the bar high. So the question is: what do you choose?

During the IDC Select we ask your efforts, dedication, preparation, reflection and perseverance from our candidates. That is what you can expect 100% back from us. Are you prepared to be among the best? Then this is your IDC!